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GraphGrid Banner

The Challenge

Visually represent the organization's existing branding and convey the concept of their platform-as-a-service into a banner.

The concept of GraphGrid as a Platform-as-a-Service is to connect and query large amounts of historical and realtime data, bringing new insights into enterprise and organizations that might not have been seen before.

Easier said than visualized. But where's there a will...


The banner begins (from the bottom) as a clutter of data rising to a point where the GraphGrid mark (at the center) creates connection.

Something like this...

Color Swatches

HEX: #00255c
RGB: 0,37,92
HEX: #003b69
RGB: 0,59,105
HEX: #005287
RGB: 0,82,135
HEX: #ef5a28
RGB: 239,90,40
The Result

The banner first appeared at a major industry exhibit, as was the star of the booth; except for the actual platform, of course.

Those working the booth said that if exhibitors didn't understand the concept of the platform, they would point to the banner and it explained exactly what they were trying to communicate.

In fact, the graphic itself was so well-received by the company that variations of it have been used as part of collateral materials, leave behinds; and now even appears on the corporate site and their business cards.

I would say it was successful.