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GraphGrid Site: Rotating Hero Images

The Challenge

In an era where you have 10-15 seconds to engage an online audience, develop an enteraining "hero" image campaign that also conveys what the company offers.

The large graphic at the top of most websites, often referred to as the "hero image", is meant to capture the attention of an audience that spends most of their time on other websites.

I came up with the idea to generate a number of images that would randomly appear in the hero image space each time the homepage was visited.

Inspiration / Ideation

It's all in the code...

Some time ago, I found a piece of Javascript that would randomly generate a different image each time the same viewer visited or refreshed the page.

The Result

Hit Refresh on your browser as much as you'd like: I could use the page count. :)

NOTE: Only 10 images; you will get repeats