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GraphGrid Product Line

The Challenge

Visually represent the organization's product line as part of their platform-as-a-service into branded icons.

Using only tonal values of one of the existing brand's colors, I produced a full set of product line icons to be incorporated into the GraphGrid site, as well as all online and collateral materials.

Inspiration / Ideation

The first thing was to identify what would convey that concepts of "data", "graph", "connectedness", and "knowledge" (or artifical intelligence), and then use an appropriate font to showcase the acronyms that represent the product line.

Color Swatches

HEX: #347da5
RGB: 52,125,165
HEX: #9abed2
RGB: 154,190,210
HEX: #b8d2e0
RGB: 184,210,224
HEX: #c2d8e4
RGB: 194,216,228
HEX: #ffffff
RGB: 255,255,255


The Result