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The Dreamscolor Logo

The Challenge

Create a brand for yourself... go.

The saying "The cobbler had no shoes" always comes to mind when I think about making something for myself... "I don't have time for that... I need to make stuff for everyone else."

When approaching my own brand, I started thinking about a unique typeface, and then — as the name implies — come up with something that has a lot of color.

Inspiration / Ideation

So there was this one logo...

Someone had recreated an old IBM Lotusphere logo, done completely in CSS3! It was so cool, it drove me to start creating. But unlike the Lotusphere logo, I wanted mine to spell out "dreamscolor".

Still, I used the same relative formula to lay out the dimensions with a similar color palette.

The Process

Color Swatches

HEX: #0b62aa
RGB: 11,98,170
HEX: #82d2f5
RGB: 130,210,245
HEX: #8ec642
RGB: 142,198,66
HEX: #ffe85f
RGB: 255,232,95
HEX: #ffc757
RGB: 255,199,87
HEX: #d45545
RGB: 212,85,69
The Result

I like it... at least until I redesign it again. Designers. "That's so five minutes ago..."